Looking for a Pack Website? 
You probably found it.  If you use this template, every page on this website will be available on your new website.
But first, we hope you click around and check out the hundreds of pages that come already loaded with this template.  Then consider the following...
  • Set-by-Step "Launch" instructions are included. I walk you through every task you need to get your new website up and running - fully customized for your Pack. 
  • As you complete the items in the "Launch Countdown" you will be amazed that a free website, using free collaborative tools, is the perfect answer for every Pack in Scouting - not just yours.   
  • I help you train your leaders to use the new website and the tools that come with it.
  • If you follow the Launch Countdown in order, this website can be handed off to new leaders (when you graduate to Boy Scouts) without missing a beat.
  • Free of charge. But I will ask for a donation to this project as you get into the "Launch Countdown". So try it out and when you see how special this website really is you will want to support it. And so will your leadership team.
  • Seperate Den Pages and Den News Sections, Uniform Guidelines, Rank Advancement Trails, Rank Electives, Activity Badges, and the Academic and Sports Program are all outlined for quick searching and referencing by all members of your Pack.  (Belt loop and pin worksheets are downloadable - which is cool).
  • We included a section for recruiting new families (Scouting 101) into your Pack.  The section introduces them to Scouting and helps them become informed and comfortable with the decision to join the Pack.  
  • Sections on the Pinewood Derby, Popcorn Sales, and Summer Camps are included. All you need to do is make edits that reflect how your Pack does it (in your neck of the woods) and link the sections in your navigation when it is time to start the campaign.  Then, you just take the link down when it's over - ready to reuse again next year. (If you develop a Rain Gutter Regatta Section let me know and I will add it to the template.)
  • Shared calendars and shared documents are integrated into the website seamlessly and part of the reason this website is special. We help you get everyone trained, organized, and working together. 
  • We show you how to create and store all of your documents, fliers, and other information for future leaders to easily access, tweak, and use for their future needs.  You will eventually have a large archive of information (both new and old) accessible to the right people (now and into the future) who can use it.  No more re-inventing the wheel every four or five years.
  • The key to why this website so special is it's focus on training your leaders to use the new tools. You will setup the tools and then we show you the best way to train the leaders to use those tools. If you intend to do all the work I prefer you consider a different website for your Pack. You don't get it. 
  • We show you how to create online forms and then gather information from Parents - like signing up for events.  You can even email the forms to them and they can fill it out in their email.  Need to know who is coming to the camp out?  Make a form, ask the right questions, post it to the website AND email it.  They WILL let you know.  Then we show you how to share the results, in real time, with your leaders.
  • Months (and months) of work is done for you.  Launching this Website, with YOUR Pack identity, is reduced (from several months of our work) to several hours (of your work).
There are more benefits.  You'll see the rest of it when you start completing the tasks on the Launch Countdown page.  Before you try this Template you should view the first item on the Launch Countdown page.
I hope you enjoy the website and I hope you find it as fun getting it launched as I did.  


The Story Behind this Website Template

In March of 2010 I searched the Internet for a Cub Scout Website with the following six requirements...
  1. Free. Or as close to free as possible
  2. Simple to update - so I didn't have to do all the work
  3. Clean, sleek and appealing - yet informative and easy to keep relevant
  4. It had to help the Scouts (and parents) stay active and engaged in the program
  5. It had to help the leaders to work as a team - no more islands
  6. It had to outlast me (and the current leaders)

I found absolutely nothing that met these requirements.  And I looked pretty hard.  For weeks. 

So I decided to make a Website that did meet my requirements. At the time, I had no idea I would end up sharing it with other Packs (like I am doing now) and I had no idea people would email me (at a steady pace) and thank me for sharing my work.
Hopefully, as you look this Website over, you will agree that it probably meets most of your requirements.  You are welcome to try it.  And if you like it you should consider a donation to support this project and it's next release.  Your donation will help other Packs with the same requirements as us.

Yours in Scouting,

Keith Conover
Pack 742  |  Dan Beard Council |  US Grant District  |  Cincinnati, Ohio